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Fixes /We are not afraid to say that during preparations we've made some mistakes both technical and conceptual. We made updates and patchnotes during server development on a regular basis, some aspects that was no longer relevant we saved for later adjustments.
Quality gameplay and world changes Our team understands that we can't implement all the ideas you have in a span of single server, it's hard for both: team and players. This will only lead us into situation where we don't understand what we are doing. Last summer we have categorised our ideas on a scale of relevance and decided to prepare them for a second launch. This includes interface improvements, locations, icons and characters/classes balance. We want to point out that we are talking about MasterWork that you used to.
There is more We are working on a game core to make game client more smooth with higher FPS, and also reduce server and network load. Even though it's a tiny part in this text, but it's one of the main and hard goals to achieve for us. I'm sure that if we will manage to do that, we all going to experience colossal improvements in performance and server capacity which even Koreans could not achieve.
This idea and realisation of it have brought us here, and what's more important - you liked it. Now we are sure that we don't need to do big changes for every launch and disappoint players. We need to do better, not differently.

The L-II BudWeiser, is a high-structure server that was built in order to meet the public of the game Lineage 2 Interlude, which are after challenges and difficulty in game mode.

Returning to the old era, killing the longing and bringing new players to this amazing world full of obstacles.

A server without absurd donations that end the structure of the game, but rather a server for those who want the game practically official in its functionalities.

Our moderate rates allow the player to evolve in the game in a pleasant way with the time he has, making the game excellent, relaxed and fun both for those who like the adventures and actions of pve and for those who like the adrenaline of PVP.

L2 BudWeiser, was designed with years of research and play, to maintain a balance between independent class players, but rather of game strategy, here everyone will have the opportunity to rise in rank, and show that it is the best.

We have no AIO system (A single character with all buffs), and we will never have, everyone will have to fight behind new war strategy.

We don't sell sets and weapons, chares, leveis, subclasses let alone 100% Enchants. Everyone will have the duty to get their items with their efforts and group help, we influence this gameplay, to return the thrill of having a equip.

Here everything is dropped, everything is Farmed, everything is achieved, except for the Crystal Enchantes. We don't limit anything to gambling for financial interests, Our goal is your fun.

We have the Control Panel on the Forum, with several tools to make life easier for our players, such as Reporting bugs, send new Ideas to developing Team.

There will always be diverse events, to learn more about our events, access the events menu to the Forum Event activities.

We never pretend have WIPE (reset the database) on the server, our ideal is the fun of the players, not the profit upon wipes.



Dynamic Zone event

Dynamic Raid Boss Events / Time. / 21:00 & 23:00 .mm / Special drops. View & Comment

Unique Items

you can immprove your character with Unique items on custom shop / Main town . View & Comment

Archiviments Manager

New Archiviments manager is spawned in Main Town / good rewards to all complite tasks. View & Comment

Grand Boss events

Brand New grand Boss events system: auto spawn event / every 10:00 .pm & 24:00 .mm View & Comment
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